Sunday, January 31, 2010

Inside Pictures Of Vigina Why Do Pictures Come Out Ugly Inside?

Why do pictures come out ugly inside? - inside pictures of vigina

I bought a camera (Samsung TL225) and is large enough, but when I pictures in the house without a light, that was ugly and it seems they are taken from a cell phone. Does anyone know why? I've never had a problem like that with my previous cameras.


fhotoace said...

Two problems that you will make when using primitive cameras are found in all mobile phones.

There are hardly any light inside 1) when the camera automatically sets ISO sensitivity of the camera sensor to reduce noise in the image file to be avoided.
Most of the interior lighting 2) incandescent or fluorescent lamps, so that when the camera phone is very high, if the automatic white balance mode, the images show changes in the color yellow or light bulbs () or green (fluorescent).

Combine the numbers one and two and get "ugly" pictures.

There is another problem. Too slow with low lighting, shutter speed, so if you're careful, you get the camera and subject movement or both, which blur

ricardo d said...

I think for the price to take the perfect shots, but the white balance settings and try to adapt what may be best in different lighting conditions.
Sometimes it takes a little patience to see his new camera.
Good luck!

Mark said...

Probably the lack of light. The use of flash or if you raise another possibility, the interior lighting.

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